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This hook tells you everything you need to know about a page navigation to build pending navigation indicators and optimistic UI on data mutations. Things like:

  • Global loading indicators
  • Disabling forms while a mutation is happening
  • Adding busy indicators to submit buttons
  • Optimistically showing a new record while it's being created on the server
  • Optimistically showing the new state of a record while it's being updated

This feature only works if using a data router, see Picking a Router

import { useNavigation } from "react-router-dom";

function SomeComponent() {
  const navigation = useNavigation();

The useNavigation().formMethod field is lowercase without the future.v7_normalizeFormMethod Future Flag. This is being normalized to uppercase to align with the fetch() behavior in v7, so please upgrade your React Router v6 applications to adopt the uppercase HTTP methods.

  • idle - There is no navigation pending.
  • submitting - A route action is being called due to a form submission using POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE
  • loading - The loaders for the next routes are being called to render the next page

Normal navigations and GET form submissions transition through these states:

idle β†’ loading β†’ idle

Form submissions with POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE transition through these states:

idle β†’ submitting β†’ loading β†’ idle

Here's a simple submit button that changes its text when the navigation state is changing:

function SubmitButton() {
  const navigation = useNavigation();

  const text =
    navigation.state === "submitting"
      ? "Saving..."
      : navigation.state === "loading"
      ? "Saved!"
      : "Go";

  return <button type="submit">{text}</button>;

While navigation.state provides the high-level state of the active navigation, you can deduce more granular information by combining it with other navigation aspects:

// Is this just a normal load?
let isNormalLoad =
  navigation.state === "loading" &&
  navigation.formData == null;

// Are we reloading after an action?
let isReloading =
  navigation.state === "loading" &&
  navigation.formData != null &&
  navigation.formAction === navigation.location.pathname;

// Are we redirecting after an action?
let isRedirecting =
  navigation.state === "loading" &&
  navigation.formData != null &&
  navigation.formAction !== navigation.location.pathname;

Any POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE navigation that started from a <Form> or useSubmit will have your form's submission data attached to it. This is primarily useful to build "Optimistic UI" with the submission.formData FormData object.

In the case of a GET form submission, formData will be empty and the data will be reflected in

This tells you what the next location is going to be.

Note that this link will not appear "pending" if a form is being submitted to the URL the link points to, because we only do this for "loading" states. The form will contain the pending UI for when the state is "submitting", once the action is complete, then the link will go pending.

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