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Type declaration
declare function Router(
  props: RouterProps
): React.ReactElement | null;

interface RouterProps {
  basename?: string;
  children?: React.ReactNode;
  location: Partial<Location> | string;
  navigationType?: NavigationType;
  navigator: Navigator;
  static?: boolean;

<Router> is the low-level interface that is shared by all router components (like <BrowserRouter> and <StaticRouter>). In terms of React, <Router> is a context provider that supplies routing information to the rest of the app.

You probably never need to render a <Router> manually. Instead, you should use one of the higher-level routers depending on your environment. You only ever need one router in a given app.

The <Router basename> prop may be used to make all routes and links in your app relative to a "base" portion of the URL pathname that they all share. This is useful when rendering only a portion of a larger app with React Router or when your app has multiple entry points. Basenames are not case-sensitive.

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