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Link (RN)

<Link> (React Native)

This is the React Native version of <Link>. For the web version, go here.

Type declaration
declare function Link(props: LinkProps): React.ReactElement;

interface LinkProps extends TouchableHighlightProps {
  children?: React.ReactNode;
  onPress?(event: GestureResponderEvent): void;
  replace?: boolean;
  state?: any;
  to: To;

A <Link> is an element that lets the user navigate to another view by tapping it, similar to how <a> elements work in a web app. In react-router-native, a <Link> renders a TouchableHighlight. To override default styling and behaviour, please refer to the Props reference for TouchableHighlight.

import * as React from "react";
import { View, Text } from "react-native";
import { Link } from "react-router-native";

function Home() {
  return (
      <Link to="/profile">
        <Text>Visit your profile</Text>
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